Maybe you need a mentor?

The mentors recommended by Fontes are senior managers with experience in various areas and have completed Fontes' six-month mentoring program. A mentor will help you (mentee) solve various management issues or just prepare for a leadership role. Although, the issues discussed together may also be related to operational decisions, the mentor's activities are generally forward-looking and focused on long-term cooperation.

Target group: top manager, middle manager, first level manager, specialist with leadership potential.


  • Opportunity to exchange ideas with an experienced leader and get honest feedback.
  • Better coping in a new position or in a new organization.
  • Further development of leadership skills.
  • Achieving the goals set by the employer.
  • Improving cooperation with stakeholders e.g., owners and management.
  • Opportunity to discuss your personal career decisions with a neutral partner.
  • Developing personal leadership style and skillset - what kind of leader I would like to be and why, etc.



Prior meeting with a mentor, Fontes analyzes your needs as well as the mentor's possibilities, and your personal compatibility. At the beginning of the cooperation, the initial task of the cooperation is defined. The main partners in the cooperation are the mentee and the mentor. The process is supervised and assisted by Fontes’ consultant acting as the support person for both parties. During the process, feedback is collected from both the mentor and the mentee.

This is a paid service.

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