Assessment of development potential.

Both managers and professionals want to develop, to move forward. How can the organization support them so that the results are mutually beneficial? Focus on strengths or development needs? How to define them? To establish the focus of development, we use the assessment of competencies with the help of the assessment and development center together with thorough individual feedback.

To determine the development potential, the set of competencies of an individual manager or specialist as well as a group of managers/professionals can be assessed.

In the assessment and development center, the manager or specialist is given feedback based on individual tasks. The feedback is given after each task, focusing on the performance of the tasks, e.g. role play (video feedback). The summarizing feedback interview of the assessment is a future-oriented coaching interview, where career plans and further steps in personal development planning are also discussed.

When assessing groups, we use an assessment and development center to assess competencies, to which group analysis and feedback are added.

It is useful to carry out competency assessments, for example, before identifying the key people in a team or/and organization or aftergrowth development programs so the energy and funding are going to the right place.

It is useful to assess the group of key employees as a team (for example, management, department heads, etc.) to get an unbiased overview of the level and potential of the most important employees for the organization. Such an assessment helps to understand whether there are enough talents or top performers in the company, what kind of competence is lacking, what needs to be developed, what to pay more attention to in the course of daily work and management purchases, etc.

This is a paid service. Price is 480 EUR + VAT (CV analysis, filling in the work personality questionnaire, feedback session, summary of the leadership potential analysis).

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