A person is a whole. The body, feelings and thoughts are in constant interrelationship, which in turn influences our intentions and actions. The first step in improving your well-being could be to be aware of these connections, or to understand how it works. Knowing where I am and what I am, can set goals in the direction, where I would like to go.

Problems and issues addressed:

  • Wish to develop self-management and self-awareness skills.
  • Wish to use your potential better than before.
  • Fatigue or feeling that you have too much work and responsibility.
  • Tensions over relations and cooperation.
  • Issues related to motivation.
  • Work-life balance is out of place.
  • Anxiety, worry and self-esteem related issues.


Psychological counseling is provided by Fontes’ psychologist-counselor Pille Pesti.

This is a paid service – the price of one session is 108 EUR (including VAT).

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Pille Pesti