What Talent Guidance is?

Talent Guidance is a service that enables You to increase awareness of Your ”element” and visualize Your unique combination of employability on the job market. The set of unique combination consist of skills, knowledge and know-how, competences, values and attitudes, which could be harnessed and successfully marketed on the job market.

Talent guidance solution creates the value to the talent via 3 aspects:

  • Individual profile – who I am and what I have to sell on the job market? What roles and what kind of organizations are most suitable to my individual profile?
  • Self-reflection and understanding – what do I want and why, what are my aspirations? What criteria are important to me in selecting a job? Where am I going, or what path am I going to choose? What are my future plans and dreams?
  • Employability (practical attractiveness to employers) measuring – Your individual professional profile vs opportunities and current demand on the job market.

Your guide in the process is Fontes Talent Advisory Consultant whose role is to increase Your awareness of Your strengths and unique element, meaning where You might be most attractive and can pursue Your strengths. Talent Advisor is well acquainted with the job market, businesses and organizations. He/she encourages You to go deep into topics, open Your potential and helps to map the possibilities to make use and awareness of Your potential. Talent Advisor can occasionally offer alternative variants concerning actual job offers or pave the way in terms on right contacts.

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